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"I found companies that could become adherents"

(Professional Federation)

"Our agency directors are pleased to receive information on growing companies in their area"

(Training organization)

"Your data allowed me to bring two companies to us for a total of 120 jobs created"

(Deputy Director of an agglomeration community)

"Our sector, we know it, but your base allows us to follow our customers and suppliers, in areas sometimes distant from ours"

(multinational group in the field of chemistry)

"We would like to thank you for transmitting and allowing us to use the job advertisement data that you compiled. These have allowed us to conduct a novel study on the link between job postings and recidivism of outgoing prison in France, and we are very grateful to you "

(University Professor)

12 reasons to use Trendeo data

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Tackling the hidden job market

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Establish rapid territorial Diagnostics

Accelerate your international development

Manage your marketing and sales regular practice

Analyzing the progress of the plant of the future in the world

A CSR approach to economic development

Communicating territorial or sectoral results

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