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For the preparation of reports, sectoral or territorial studies. Save time by directly obtaining relevant and up-to-date data for your business sector or geographical area.

For territorial diagnosis, studies of correlation between employment and other factors or in order to create advanced indicators.

For the realization of notes/memos, trend reports or to set up alerts. The work of our analysts, referencing and formatting data, saves time that you can devote to value-added work.

To monitor your business network's performance, for account reviews, to inform your salesmen about market opportunities and for market analysis. Are you sure your sales network hasn't missed any opportunity?

For competitive positioning analysis, planning. Our updated real-time data is an excellent basis for predicting and anticipating.


A real-time balance sheet

Rather than wait until the end of the year to analyze the changes in your geographical area, obtain a monthly or quarterly report on the gains and losses of your area. Real-time data allows you to take immediate action.

Visibility on all investment projects

Broaden your scope of action: all development agencies have a portfolio of companies they work with. The Trendeo data helps you not to neglect others, those who invest unaccompanied – or leave without warning.

Define specific geographical areas

Your geographical area of interest is specific, you can define tailored areas.

Easily analyse an industry

It is not always easy to track industries with official nomenclatures. It becomes easier by using keywords (drones, nuclear, solar...) You can then identify the key actors of an industry regardless of their administrative sector.

Assistance in marketing activities

Identify, especially in your priority sectors, developing companies, in France or abroad.

Identify the poles of creation – or loss – of jobs

Our data allow you to identify sensitive sectors or industries, at different levels of the economic nomenclature, using keywords or activities (R&D, manufacturing, logistics...) You can also search for dynamic geographic areas or growing businesses, with job creations or losses impleid. A good way to find geographical targets or companies to contact in order to sell your HR services (recruitment, training etc).

Discover the hidden job market

Recruitment announcements most often occur before individual job offers are posted. Contact companies tracked by Trendeo before they even begin to set up a formal recruitment process.

Track distressed geographical areas

Quickly list distressed businesses and areas which may need various HR services.

Follow the dynamics of job creation and losses in a precise way

The national economic conditions are good or bad, improving or worsening, but they affect different sectors differently. Thanks to our data you will be able to identify the dynamics of employment at all levels: finest micro level, the company, but also at sector or branch level.

Perform quick geographical analysis

Before engaging a geographical action or answering to a tender, prepare a quick diagnosis of a geographical area at any scale (city, employment area, agglomeration, department, region, or groupings of these various levels). The data are up to date at the time of the analysis and allow to identify the salient characteristics of a geographical area (main companies, positive or negative dynamics, comparison with the neighbouring territories...)

Find a reason to contact your prospects

An investment, the extension of an existing site, the creation of a new site are, for a company, as many opportunities for reviewing purchase contracts and reassess providers. By calling your prospects when they have new needs, you maximize your chances of making sales.

Adjust your sales force

Is your network of sales representatives adapted to the state of the economy today? The sectors and geographical areas which you are primarily targeting have evolved. Trendeo gives you additional indicators to identify emerging sectors to follow or declining sectors that become less profitable.

Don't miss out on opportunities

You know your market and your sales representative network is supposed to inform you on a daily basis. Sometimes this network fail to pass relevant information. Trendeo add a new source of information on the big investment projects of your customers or prospects.

Enrich your CRM

Our data provide important additional information about your prospects and their strategy: new investments, difficulties, recruitments... By integrating this data into your CRM your salesmen improve their business relations.

Keep track of job gains and losses in your sector

When speaking or negociating with public or private partners, knowing the dynamics of your sector in terms of jobs created or lost is an important element. Yearly surveys of your members help keeping tabs, but our data complete your information and increase the accuracy of your statistics.

Identify new actors

Some companies involved in your sector are not members of your professional association. Some companies may enter your sector coming from other sectors, or just through creation of a new company. Trendeo data can be used to detect future members that will enhance the representativeness of your federation.

Detect disruptive startups

Agile and growing fast, startups can change the dynamics of your business/markets. Detect them in our database when they raise funds or hire people.

Increase the commitment of your members by providing them with new sectoral information.

Save time when collecting information

Spare your human resources by automating the collection of basic data on a sector or geaographical area and gain more time for analysis and interpretation. The data is updated in real time by Trendeo's analysts and allows you to quickly identify best practices, milestones and issues of interest to your customers and prospects.

Enrich your responses to bidding processes

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the sector or geographical area to be analyzed in the context of a call for bids or a call for projects, incorporating maps, trendlines and qualitative examples from the Trendeo bases.

Complete official statistics

In the analysis of trends, official statistics are authentic. They are comprehensive and recognized by all. They are also anonymous and aggregated (no company name), as well as not always available in an immediate manner. Trendeo offers complementary data to enrich your analyses, identify key companies in the sectors and areas analysed, adopt a finer approach.

Quantitative and qualitative

Cross-tabulates figures and qualitative data (companies, investors, trades, deadlines) allows you to identify concrete cases in support of your proposals and analyses. Startups emerge as an economic theme: quantify the phenomenon, select a few examples from our 2500 registered startups, analyse their location, their specializations... This approach is valid at the sectoral and territorial levels.

Make attractive visualizations

Trendeo data is exported and reworked in a data-visualization tool, business intelligence or in your internal information system. This makes it possible to make maps and infographics supporting conclusions or an approach initiated by your consultants.

Concrete data to work with

Case studies, sectoral trends, business monographs, development strategies, Trendeo France and world data offer a wide range of analysis angles.

Rich statistical series

Since 2009 for France, 2016 for the world industry, Trendeo provides support for diachronic or synchronic analyses with about thirty variables available. Several econometric research projects have been carried out or are in the process of being implemented in different research institutions.

Instant trend indicators

Dynamics of openings and closures of factories in France, relocation, relocations, fundraising, as many themes and indicators advanced of the national economy and soon international.

Trendeo is committed to research and economic analysis

Trendeo data and indicators are provided free of charge in the context of academic research or press articles.

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