We are primarily raw data producers. But to showcase our data, attest to their relevance, we regularly publish analyses on the economic situation. First from our data on France, and, since 2017, from our data on the global industry.

The data below is freely downloadable. These are summaries by sector or territory. For finer and detailed analyses, we can order the file containing the data that has been used in our analyses.

Economic analysis in France

A very short synthesis to position the "green" job in all the creations and job cuts in France.

The French economy is idling and the INSEE data in September show a drop in hiring in several sectors... The suite to consult online...

Our note on the year 2017, published at the beginning 2018. Lighting on the financing of BPI France, on territorial specializations by urban area, large productive functions...

Our economic note of September 2017. Several insights on recovery in industry, sustainable development and French investments abroad

The Trendeo data on France for the first semester 2016, with an overview on metropolises, including data on startups and fundraising.

Global industry (manufacturing, R&D, logistics, energy)

Sectoral analysis

1718 projects related to energy production, recorded from 2016 to November 2018, 1 206 billion invested, for a potential total power of 502 590 MW.

Manufacturing investment (excluding energy, R&D and logistics), from 2016 to may 2018:5 557 projects, 1 652 billion million, 1 700 000 jobs.

Investment in research and development, our data from January 2016 to April 2018:418 projects, 37 billion dollars, 134 500 jobs.

Geographic analysis

Industrial investment in the European Union, January 2016-April 2018:1 234 projects, 275 billion million, 188 000 jobs...

Capitalistic investment in the United States, January 2016-April 2018:1 680 projects, 483 billion million, 310 000 jobs

Industrial investment in Asia, January 2016-April 2018:4 292 projects, 2 45 billion million, 1 238 000 jobs.

Industrial investment in Africa, January 2016-may 2018:569 projects, 391 billion million, 184 000 jobs

Annual summaries

On 19 June 2019, together with our partners, the Institute of Reindustrialisation, EDF and Fives, we published the third edition of our global industrial investment barometer.

The world industry in 2017, and the progress of the factory of the future. A presentation of the best-rated projects according to our factory of the future criteria.

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