Each week we will integrate here a summary of the previous week as reflected in the data collected by our Observatory of employment and investment in France, an economic database maintained by Trendeo since January 2009.

Week of November 30 to December 6

A week in which social issues took precedence over economic issues.
The slowdown, therefore, with few announced job creations and few job cuts.

The closure of a Conduent call centre in Roubaix will result in the loss of 350 jobs.

In line with the rise of luxury and leather goods, the combined workshops in the Centre West will recruit around 100 employees.

On the fundraising side, several operations in the agricultural sector: Orchards du Sud, in Les Mées, raised €12.5 million; Vitirover raised €3 million for a robot to weed vines; Ready to push is completing a fundraising campaign for which it has already secured €2.3 million.

We have selected Aeva (e. g. Meggit, AECE group) as the company of the week, which will relocate activity after investing €4 million to go to the Factory of the Future.

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Figures and observations from our database on employment and investment in France: www.observatoire-investissement.fr

Week of November 30 to December 6Week of November 30 to December 6