Each month we will incorporate here a summary of the previous month as reflected in the data collected by Industries & strategies, an economic database maintained by Trendeo since January 2016.

In November, we added 89 investments to our global database (in addition to other previously announced investments).

Investments amounted to $11.5 billion and 13,500 jobs were created.

The most job-creating investment will be made in Malaysia. Smith & Nephew is investing in Penang to produce hip and knee implants, creating 800 jobs.

Tesla has chosen Berlin for the location of its new Gigafactory 4. The total investment is expected to be $4 billion.

Our best November Factory of the Future score goes to the company Nissan Motor Corporation in Kaminokawa, Japan. The group's plant will be modernized there to adapt to electric vehicle technologies.

Our database Industries and strategies contains a great deal of detail on these latest investments as well as 14,955 others since January 2016, totalling $5,571 billion.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Fives, EDF and theInstitute of Reindustrialisation.

Worldwide monthly Capital Investments indicator by TrendeoWorldwide monthly Capital Investments indicator by Trendeo