Our mission

Trendeo was born in 2007 of the conviction that the data available online could be collected with method to highlight trends and, why not, statistical series. In 2009, Trendeo created the Observatory of employment and investment in France to follow the trends of the French economy. Today Trendeo is a benchmark for its indicators on plant openings and closures, fundraising or the problem of locating startups.

In 2016 a second database is launched, industries & strategies. It is a matter of enlarging the geographical scope of our observations as we follow all the industrial investments announced in the world. In the long term, we want to provide our users with the most comprehensive view of trends in the global real economy: industry and services, job cuts, fundraising. Always with a requirement of representativeness of data, wealth of qualitative and quantitative information and provision of information in real time.

The team

David Cousquer
David CousquerCreator and Manager
Marlène Bouillaguet
Marlène BouillaguetData Manager France
Elisabeth Stockinger
Elisabeth StockingerAnalyst France and champagne
Paul Lafont
Paul LafontOperations Manager
Andrew Diogbo
Andrew DiogboAnalyst France
Cécile de Ponsay
Cécile de PonsayBusiness Development Manager
Ankur Agarwal
Ankur AgarwalGlobal industry analyst