Each week, we present you with a summary of the previous week's data as collected by our Observatory of employment and investment in Francean economic database maintained by Trendeo since January 2009.

Week of 4 to 10 September 2021

Growth accelerates with the start of the school year.

The expected job cuts at ING However, it is clear that the restructuring of the banking sector is continuing, quietly but steadily. Stellantis will also cut temporary jobs due to the shortage of semiconductors.

Big recruitment announcements at the Ministry of the Armed Forces, in cyber defence, at CENTURY 21which is strengthening its network, or L'Oréalwhich announces a plan to recruit young people.

Among the week's fundraisers, Provepharm Life Solutions obtains €120 million. The company was created to develop and reposition old molecules and products. One of its successes is methylene blue. In Normandy, VALGO Group - Polluted sites and soils raises €35M. In the medical field we also find Flash TherapeuticsKoovea.

We have selected the GEIQ Gard Rhône Valley and Delta as company of the week: these associative structures allow member industrial companies to pool the recruitment and training of people seeking qualifications.




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