Supplement your financial data

Financial data provide essential insights for a company or sector of activity.

But Trendeo's extra-financial data supplement this approach.

Wealth is only made of men: precisely, how much did a group create jobs, and where? Have there been any investments in R&D? Investments wih social or environmental efforts?

Targeting growing companies as prospective customers.

Companies that invest in development projects, in production capacity extensions, who hire, are looking for suppliers and can reevaluate their supply contracts. Investment announcements are therefore a privileged time to approach them, whether they are prospects or already acquired customers.

Find new business opportunities

Fundraising, moving, changing shareholders, relocations are events in the life of a company that are as many opportunities to offer specific services or products.

The downsizing or closures of industrial sites are accompanied by layoffs, transfer of real estate or industrial assets.

Tackling the hidden job market

Recruitment or downsizing announcements are decided before new job offers are published. The jobs are then provided by regular announcements, but also by word of mouth or proximity recruitments.

These informal recruitments are the heart of the hidden job market and our data gives you a rich overview of content and weak signals.

Identify startups and follow fund raised

Startups have become a category apart from other companies. More agile, dynamic, more fragile sometimes, potentially disruptive, they are the object of special attention. Trendeo databases help you identify them, analyze their sectoral positioning and integrate them into your targets, contacts and partners. Fundraising, identified since 2014, is a particularly important signal of the success and evolution of this specific population of companies.

Analyzing sector dynamics in real-time

Before publication of official statistics by federations or public bodies, the Trendeo data provide sectoral or territorial trend indicators. Our data are not exhaustive but reflect the most important trends in sectors or regions, in real time.

Quickly complete territorial diagnostics

Most territories have strongly established reputations. But what are the realities? Do investment flows, site closures and downsizing lead to different analyses? The Trendeo data highlight the salient features of the dynamics of a territory, by comparing the investment flows by sector to the national average for example.

Accelerate your international development

Before investing abroad, it is useful to know where the companies in your country, or in the same sector, or your suppliers, or B2B customers, are. This makes it possible to get more informed before taking long term decisions.

Enrich your business intelligence

Very often, in B2B, companies are familiar with their sector and have set up comprehensive monitoring systems to track competitors. But for companies in other sectors, suppliers or customers, analyses of their evolutions are often more complicated. Our data make it possible to set up almost instantaneously automated monitoring of any sector, country or combination of both. No need to staff an intelligence team for that!

Analyzing the progresses of the industry 4.0 worldwide

Our descriptions of capital investments in the world are accompanied by a qualitative notation of good practices related to the industry of the future or industry 4.0. There are six criteria, defined with our partners: Flexibility of the production, Energy efficiency, Social, Local/community and Environmental efforts. The best-rated projects are as many exemples of good practices. It is also interesting to analyze the quality of the investment projects of your partners or other companies, suppliers or competitors.

A CSR approach to economic development

Whether by analyzing the quality of industrial investment projects or by measuring job creation, Trendeo provides complementary elements to traditional indicators, qualitative criteria that enrich a CSR approach to the evaluation of Business and economic development.

Communicating the economic performance of a territory, sector or business

Thanks to the aggregation of the data on employment and the amounts invested, the Trendeo database provides new indicators for your communication, in the form of charts, maps or list.

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