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Quatre questions à David Cousquer, créateur de Trendeo

7 juillet 2018|Conjoncture|

Pierre GRAPIN a interviewé David Cousquer, créateur de Trendeo, pour la note d'analyse macroéconomique Asset Fi / BIPE de juin 2018. L'entretien est reproduit ci-dessous avec l'aimable autorisation du BIPE.     Confirmation de la [...]

Manufacturing investment worldwide 2016-2018, our analysis

20 juin 2018|Trendeo|

The Industries & Strategies database, created and distributed by Trendeo, tracks, since 2016, every industrial investment (manufacturing, energy, logistics, R&D) announced worldwide (over 30 MUSD or 50 jobs). Each information is classified by product, sector, company, country, even a qualitative score (factories of the future score). Since january 2016, 9 127 investments have been tracked, among them 5 557 for manufacturing projects (61%). As the database is updated weekly, our users benefit from a more detailed information, including cancelled investments, factories of the future score details, capacity…

Industrial and high value investments in Asia, 2016-2018

5 juin 2018|Industries & Stratégies|

This paper is the fifth of a series of papers aiming at showing the insights on worldwide industry offered by our Industry & Strategies database. Previous papers offer information about the United States, the European [...]