Our job is to collect basic information about investment, employment and real economic activity. This is to allow our customers to save time in their search for data.

Since January 2009, we have been proposing a database on employment and investment in France. Our data collection is so fine that it allows us to follow the French economic situation by region and sector.

From the outset, we set ourselves the goal of extending our database globally. In 2016, thanks to a partnership with fives, EDF and the Institute of reindustrialisation, we created industries & strategies. This database identifies industrial investments (manufacturing, R&D, logistics and energy production) of more than $30 million and/or 60 jobs. The projects are, in addition, rated according to 6 criteria of the plant of the future, thus bringing a strengthened qualitative dimension to our data.

Our customers can access our data in various forms: by online access to our databases, via an API for insertion into an intranet or an internal application or a consumer site. It is also possible to order data exports (Excel files) or analyses and reports.

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